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We Sell Non-Guided Hunting Plans For all Big Game To Include Both, Over The Counter And Controlled Draw Hunts

All Big Game Species to Include
Bull Elk, Cow Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Antelope, Big Horn Sheep, Moose, Caribou, Bear, Mountain Lion, Mountain Goat, Wolf and more…

What Is A Hunt Planner Kit ?

Hunt Planning Experts by State

Limited Special Hunt Planner Kits


Due to a multitude of reasons hiring a guide for my once in a lifetime Oregon hunt just wasn’t in the cards for us. Cal was so gracious and knowledgeable with his experience in the unit and places we needed to check out I have no doubt without his help we might still be looking for my ram!

A few years ago, Cody told me where the big bucks hang out in Idaho. The next day my dad and I drove out to the area and found this beautiful 30 ½” 5×6. Thank you, Cody!

“Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to draw several good tags in Colorado…each time I do, I immediately reach out to Aaron Neilson for advice!  He’s never failed to direct me to the right place, at the right time…and my success speaks to his knowledge and experience.  Thanks Aaron!”

I met Troy Sessions about 6 years ago through another close personal friend of ours, Butch Whiting CEO/Co-Founder of Kryptek Outdoor Group. From the very first time Troy and I met it felt like we knew each other all our lives. His passion for the outdoors was infectious and EXACTLY like mine. Additionally, his character and “straight talk” honesty was what sealed the deal for our life long friendship. My wife Charlotte and I took Troy’s advice on a “drop in” DIY moose/caribou hunt back in 2014 and we were not disappointed. Troy told us we were hunting wild Alaska and there would never be 100% certainty of the success rate, however Troy was very confident in the areas he has scouted over the last several years hunting Alaska himself. Needless to say we filled our Tags with each of us collecting a caribou and Charlotte also collecting her very first moose! HUNT OF A LIFETIME! I would highly recommend Troy Sessions…

I was fresh from being honorably discharged from the army in 2017 and I moved to Laramie, WY. I had actually never hunted before and I sent Ben a message asking if he could help me be successful. Not even knowing me, he was more than willing to help plan a hunt. We looked over a few maps together for a heavily hunted General OTC elk area in Southern WY which I had never been into, and told me where to go to avoid other hunters and get into elk, as well as timing of when to go and navigating the terrain. The very next morning, I applied what Ben told me, located elk exactly where he described they would be, and I was successful for the first time in my life taking a 5×5 Wyoming bull. It was a great experience and have used his advice to harvest my first mule deer as well the next year. Thanks for everything!

Frequently Asked Questions

A Hunt Planner kit puts you exactly where you need to be in preparation for your next hunt. We create an exact spot location for you based on our knowledge and prior successful hunts. The Hunt Planner is designed to provide you with where to camp, hunt, the tags needed, regulations to follow, gear list and much more. The FULL package. We do not find you animals but rather tell you exactly where to go to be successful.

We can create a hunt planner for you in the state of your choice and put you in exact locations to be successful without needing a special tag. In states like Idaho, we can place you in a spot to hunt deer, elk, bear, mountain lion, and wolf at the same time with over the counter tags. Only one Hunt Planner fee. Tired of waiting to draw that special tag? Grab the over the counter Hunt Planner and get ready to hunt, THIS year! The spot is yours, for life.

Non-Guided means that we do not assist you physically with anything on your hunt. This is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hunt planning kit. Our Planners work with you one on one to give you the information and proven spots to be successful.

No. Its per planner kit. In most situations we create a planner in a place that we have physically been to in order to save you money and time scouting. Some planning kits consist of multiple species in one kit and others will be for a specific draw tag.

Yes. You are purchasing information for you to keep. You purchase the hunt planner kit one time and can hunt that spot for life.

Yes. You can compile as many hunters together for the cost of only one hunt planner kit.

We place you in remote areas we feel you need to be. Although in some special hunt cases we cannot guarantee other hunters wont be there, however we wont place a hunt planner kit in conflict with another hunt planner kit.

Yes, we design our hunt planner kits based on what we feel a hunter will be successful with.

We do not disclose where we know a certain animal is, but we direct you to an exact area that we feel you will be 100% successful on your hunt.

Our hunt planning team has had tremendous success due to endless hours of hunting and scouting.  For DIY hunters, we are the answer to helping you become a more successful hunter. We have both over the counter areas for you to just go purchase your tag as well as areas specifically for your draw tag. For those DIY hunters that don’t wish to be guided, our hunt planners are for you!

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